Thursday, 17 February 2011

New year new beginnings

Hello to everyone from Australia, USA, UK, Malaysia, Netherlands,Germany,Sweden, Denmark Spain and Canada.
I hope the blog has been useful for you and provided some insight to get you off the path.
It's been around 6 months since my last post and I've had little inclination in that time to post. I've spent much of that time awake and significant periods deeply unconsious. Clarity is pretty high right now though. Who knows - maybe it will last until I die or maybe thiss too will pass. I read a while back about an indian sage who after 40 years of unbroken awakening dropped back into the dream when one of his followers mistreated a girl. He phisically dragged the guy from the ashram by his ears yelling and screaming at him and kicked him out.
Later when his students asked him what had happened he said...'For a few miniutes there I forgot I was a saint'
My experience is the awakened state can be unbroken or you can drop back into the dream at the drop of a hat and this has happened to all the teacheres I have met. They just get back on the horse quicker than most.

Who can say what is next.