Tuesday, 22 February 2011

After the agony...

Reading back over my material it seems that there is a lot of emphasis on how dificult this process is.
Well I don't want to try and understate that point because it is difficult however the end point seems to be worth it.
So having reached this point how can I describe the experience.
Firstly we have to accept that I am using language to convey the description and by it's nature langage is limited in it's ability to convey experiece as it is based in symbols. Direct perction is better... however as we are stuck with this medium we can also agree that while terms like 'I' are no longer accurate or even appropriate they are functional for the vast majority of the human race as opposed to statements like 'the experience of emptiness moving/acting through this experience of form' ...I is simpler.
There is an experience of a lot of joy,happiness and bliss.
I think bliss needs something of an explanation here as it's not a hugely coommon experience.
It's like being happy - only really really happy.
It's like being in love.
It's like being euphoric and elated and calm at the same time.
So that's bliss
Which is only an aspect of this place. It comes sometimes and it goes.
The beauty is it doesn't matter if it's there or not.
So how about the rest of it.
Awareness seems to be looking at itself all the time now. The intensity of it varies however.
The buddha field I spoke about seems to be there most of the time and it deepens when I hang out with people  in a similar space or awake as well. It's like the one plus one equals 5 principal.
I'm fortunate as I have a few friends I hang out with who are either awake or moving in and out of it like I was for the last months/year or so.
Terms like space, emptiness and peace seem to be decriptors of the internal landscape.

This seems to be one of the benifits of having a teacher.
You get the option of sitting with someone who is already in this state.
This seems to make it easier to experience the awakened state...and become familiar with it.

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Joe Kresoja said...

I love your blog, exactly what I needed to read at this juncture.