Sunday, 20 February 2011

Rocket Science

It seems a number of people around me are waking up.
It may be like the tiny green car effect.... where a friend of yours buys a small green car then suddenly you see small green cars everywhere...
It kind of helps that I am hanging out with people who are interested in this stuff and are moving in the same direction.... but not all of it.
If you include myself I am currently hanging out with a half a dozen people who are either awake or spending most of their time there.
Given how rare this state seems to be this seems to be a suprisingly large number.
So what gives....
Firstly ... my teacher seems to be able to convey very effectively how to follow this process... and it seems to work.
Secondly .. and hence the name of the article .. it's not rocket science.
There are no delaval nozzels, specific impulses, combustion chambers or transfere orbits.
Although on second thoughts maybe there are ....
It is however stuff that just about everyone can understand... or even if they can't they can do the actions.
As someone I knew once said - understanding is the booby prize.

And it seems that many roads lead to Rome.
A hell of a lot of them don't however.....

If you read this article and get anything out of it.... let it be this.
Awakening is within your reach....