Saturday, 26 February 2011

Deepening on 17th of june

The state seems to be deepening. Not much else happening although- the experience is basically the same as the one that occurred in 2008. The state has stabilised with the exception of a few hours of non awakeness when a lot of stuff was travelling through at the beginning of the week.
My wife describes me as 'chilled out' which I think is a pretty good description of my experience now.

6 billion fish trying to find water and unable to... funny hey . What's even funnier is when one of them does find water the other fish put him up on a pedestal and go 'wow this guy is amazing and holy and the most beautiful being in the universe because he found
Now the amazing thing about maya and illusion(if I may be so bold as to streach a bit more out this analogy)is that while we are all fish swimming in an ocean we all think we are dessert lizards whose entire diet consists of seeds and ants and we never see any water because it is so rare out here that our bodies have adjusted to extract all we need from the food we eat. When it rain we don't know what it is. I think that’s funny, sad and the tragedy of the human condition.

Wake up dammit.!!!!

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