Friday, 25 February 2011

Functionality and awakening 25th june

Functionality and awakening 25th june
Just another heads up. It appears that during this process that along the way there may be some loss (or total loss) of functionality with your normal day to day things. Work, sleeping, doing anything....
My own experience in the process appeared at various stages through the process and varied in degree from not being able to complete a piece of work to being completely unable to move myself from the couch. I have heard of other instances where people lost all motor control and similar things.
It seemed to pass fairly fast (3weeks in the most recent form) and what remains seems to be a higher level or hyper functionality although I am still trying to figure out how that works. It seems to be a deeper version of hands off the tiller and letting go on a deeper level.

Emotional shadows and reactions 25th june
It seems that the experience of ‘negative’ emotions seems to be reduced so they seem like shadows of their former selves.
Interestingly enough the programmed reaction seems to be the same/ and or stronger or less inhibited.
Worth paying attention to. As I watch it – it seems to be dissipating/unravelling the reactions.

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